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Thankyou for visiting ! Homepage updated 5 Jan, 2003. Content last updated: 23rd July, 2002. A few minor changes in homepage's GUI! Flash MX presentation/tutorials (design tools/actionscript). A useful FlashMX presentation for instructors who want to teach FLASHMX but can't prepare a presentation...lol. Good news for Nokia Cell users! now you can download your favourite mobile tones from here. Click here to download Mobile Tones. In the discussion forum, you can post any question related to Java Servlets/JSP's/Flash(Desinger/Developer)/Dreamweaver(static/ssb)/Adobe Photoshop...  
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Web Designing/Development Forum: Interested in solving a few puzzles about most complexed designs you've ever come accross on the web. Post your questions here...

FlashMX tutorials: A MX:Pesentation on FlashMX and a set of 7 tutorials covering Design Tools and Action-Scripting Techniques.

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Buddies > Pic gallery1: Pictures from my (...n' ma buddies) trip to Skardu/Shangrilla.

Buddies > Pic gallery2: Pictures from my (...n' offcourse my buddies) trip to murree and an interesting Flash movie.

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